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Emma Ayres | Creative Director | DesignerI am a freelance designer, creative director, illustrator and marketing professional based in Bath, Somerset. I used to work for big IT and Telecoms companies, running technical sales and consultancy teams, before following my heart into design, which led me to start retro fashion label Dollydagger in 2005. I built the Dollydagger brand from scratch and at our peak we had more than 50,000 customers worldwide and a flagship store in Brighton.

A decade or so on and I now use my experience and expertise to help other businesses develop their brands and take them to market. I work on all aspects of the creative process, from styling and organising shoots, to designing brand identity and building e-commerce websites. I could probably configure your VPN too but it’s been a while…

You can find me at infromthestorm agency, which I run with my partner and photographer extraordinaire, Nick Miners.